If anybody knows Jeff and I, they know we love adventure.  And food is just one of the many adventures we love to pursue.  Since our early dating we have enjoyed cooking together and trying new foods.  The many foods and recipes we tried and cooked, and posted about led us to the #wecooktogether that many of our friends know us by.  We started making our own wine, our own cheese, then our own cookbook! (Which we mostly gave out as gifts at Christmas along with our homemade wine).  We were surprised to have so many others start asking us for a copy of the cookbook and for the recipes that we adventured into.  In just the couple of years since we met, married, and traveled, we have come across some pretty amazing recipes that we hope to share with you here.  We usually are inspired by something we’ve seen (like a cooking show), or a place we have traveled, then we like to add our own flare, or heat, or whatever we like to it, to make it our own.  I hope these inspire you to also add your own flare where you see fit.  Enjoy!

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